Your Guide to Picking the Best Bra for Your Travels

Your Guide to Picking the Best Bra for Your Travels

Women need reliable and comfortable bras whenever they're on the go. Most of the time, women wear the wrong bra size or wear different sizes on different days. This is not healthy, especially when women do not know that it's best for them to get the correct bra size.

Don't make the mistake of wearing the wrong bra size! You should have the proper bra for whatever activity you're doing. Keep in mind that support is the most crucial factor. It doesn't have to be pretty, as long as it supports your chest. You don't want to be uncomfortable whenever you need to wear them all day. Here are some of the most common types of bras that you will want to wear for travels or activities:

Sports Bra

The sports bra is made from a lightweight material. You will not regret choosing a sports bra, especially if you are on a visit to a place that is known for its active attractions. Do not wear a sports bra just because you think it is tight and you want your chest to be supported.

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Look for the correct size that will fit you well. Have a friend measure your chest if possible. If you want to buy one, ask for help from the salesperson. It is best to try the sports bra first before buying it. You do not want to look for a bigger size just because the sports bra was tight on your chest.


The bralette, which was coined from the word “braless,” has less support compared to a bra, which is why it is suitable for women who wear regular bras. Unlike the regular bra, it has thin straps that will not dig into your shoulders. You can wear the bralette on your trip but it is not recommended for you to wear this for long periods. You can wear it under your clothing so that it is safe from getting dirty.

Crop Top Bra

You will be able to wear the crop top bra on your trip if you find the right size. It is made from a light material, so you will be comfortable wearing it. However, you need to remember that support is not the same for all women. This also means that not all of us can wear the same bra size. You may want to try on a crop top bra first before buying it.

Even if you are going to wear this kind of bra on your trip, remember that the thickness of the material cannot support your chest. If you are bigger up top, it is best to find a bra that has an underwire that will support your chest.


Hopefully, this article will help you select a bra for your exciting adventures! Keep in mind that you need to be comfortable when you are wearing your bra during your travels. It is not always pretty, but it should be comfortable enough to wear throughout your trip. Always remember that there is a bra size that will fit you best and will also support you.

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