Do Bras Sabotage Your Day? Here’s How to Measure for One!

Do Bras Sabotage Your Day? Here’s How to Measure for One!

Many women choose not to wear a bra, and the decision is just as valid as wearing a bra occasionally. Even when you don’t wear one, however, it’s important to know how to properly measure your bra size in order to ensure that you wear one that is the right size and offers the support it was intended to offer.

Good Bras Are Essential

As every woman knows, a great bra goes unnoticed, while a bad bra can make you feel uncomfortable in various situations. Unfortunately, many women own several bras that fall into the latter category despite owning between 10 and 20 bras in total. It is not uncommon for women to swap between just two bras, even though they have 10 or more.
Preferred bra styles can change within the course of a woman's lifetime. Several factors go into that, including (but not limited to):

  • Breast changes and development over time
  • The outfit
  • The time of the month

Bra Measurement

Most women make a common mistake: they refuse to consider the possibility that their bra size has changed since the last time they were measured. They fail to realize that size differs from brand to brand and that it will vary according to measurements. There are two basic measurements that will help you even if you are wearing a different bra: the band size, and the cup size.

Bra Measurement: the Band Size

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To find your proper bra size, stand upright and put a measuring tape around your back at the bottom of your bra band, where the band sits on your back. Make sure the tape is going around in a steady, even line; it should comfortably fit. Measure in inches and add four to get your bra size. If the number is odd, round it up to the nearest inch.

Bra Measurement: the Cup Size

Bra retailers generally recommend that you wear your favorite bra for measuring, and then change into a fitting room where you can place a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. You should then subtract your band size from this bust measurement.
The difference in inches denotes your cup size. If you have an even number of inches, then you fall into the even-numbered cup sizes (i.e., AA, A, B, etc.). If your total measurement is an odd number, you fall into an odd-numbered cup size (i.e., C, D, DD, etc.). Add these letters to the band size number to find your benchmark measurement.
For example: 34F as in 34 inches with a letter F following it.

The Fit

The garment should feel completely natural once you've adjusted it. Do the bra up with the loosest hook. Adjust the straps accordingly so they are tight without digging into your shoulders. Make sure your breasts are sitting in the midpoint of your elbows and shoulders.


The wrong bra can make even the best of days go sideways. It's important to get a bra that fits right. Getting measurements should involve putting on one's favorite bra and measuring tape used correctly.
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