How to Find the Right Bra with the Perfect Size and Fit

How to Find the Right Bra with the Perfect Size and Fit

If you find yourself hating your bras, you may want to consider looking for better options. Make sure to really continue reading to learn more.

Shopping for a bra isn't as easy as it seems. Unlike shirts which shoppers mostly base on style, bras need to be able to fit you right and give you the support you need. But unfortunately, many women end up wearing a bra in the wrong size. And that can really make things uncomfortable for them. If you find yourself hating your bras, you may want to consider looking for better options.

Know Your True Size and Your Sister Sizes

To find a good-fitting bra, you need to know your actual size first. And this can be much trickier than you may think. You see, it isn't only the measurement that matters when it comes to bras. The size of your breasts also plays a significant role.
To find out your true bra size, get yourself measured by a professional. Usually, a lingerie store or a department store will offer this service to their customers. You can also ask your friends or family members to assist you.


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After the measurement is done, you can refer to the size chart to know your bra size per cup. For example, if you have 34 inches for the bust, you could have a size 34B.
But before you go to the store, it is important that you know the sister sizes of your actual size. This is because some bra brands will have different size charts for their products. The sister sizes are simply the next size down and the next size up.
For example, if your actual size is 34B, the sister sizes will be 34A and 34C.

Look for a Bra with a Supportive Band

The bra band is often times the least considered area when it comes to bra shopping. But this is a mistake. You see, the bra band is the part that keeps your breasts in place. So you need to make sure that it is comfortable and supportive enough.

As a general rule, you want to find a bra with a band that fits you snugly but not too tightly. One easy way you can test this out is by sliding your index finger under the band. If it slides in easily, there's a chance that the band is too big for you.
But it's also vital to keep in mind that the band is not the only part that should provide you with support. It is your bra's shoulder straps that should do the job as well.

Round-Up for Uneven Breasts

Women have all sorts of breast shapes. And this makes it a little tricky for them to find a perfect fitting bra. You see, breasts are not just shaped differently. They are also uneven in size.
For many women, this is a serious issue. Because it can be uncomfortable to have one breast bigger than the other, and it can also affect your self-esteem.
Since bras are fitted according to the bigger breast, the smaller one will have to fit somewhere in the middle. If you have a bra that fits your breasts well, it will help even them out and make them look more balanced.
As a general rule, if your breasts are uneven, you need to find a bra that fits your bigger breast. If you have a bra that fits perfectly, it will look okay with the bigger breast having some bulge.

In Summary

Shopping for a bra can be a little tricky. But you can make it easier for yourself by following the tips above. By knowing your bra size and sister sizes, you can avoid having to try on different types of bras. Look for a bra with a band that is snug but comfortable. And round up for uneven breasts for better support.
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