Honeymoon 101: How to Upgrade Your Lingerie Game

Honeymoon 101: How to Upgrade Your Lingerie Game

A new life with your partner begins when you walk down the aisle and pronounce those famous vows. Shortly after, you’ll be well on your way to your destination. Thus, traveling on your honeymoon should be a particular experience for the two of you.

With that said, it’s about time to get packing. And for a honeymoon, it’s vital for you to prepare and upgrade your lingerie game. Read on to discover some tips!

Pack a Variety

To begin, make sure you have a wide range of lingerie options. This is a good rule to follow whether you're going on a two-week trip or just spending a long weekend with your significant other. Every evening should include a different lingerie item or set. As such, plan your lingerie looks in the same way you would your regular dress.

Pick Colors Other than White

Weddings are famous for their pristine white appearance. You've almost certainly purchased some stunning white bridal lingerie for your big day. On your honeymoon, though, you can and should be a little bolder. Take into account a variety of styles, looks, and color schemes. You don't want to be limited here!

Give Lace a Try

Vy's Closet Lace Offbeat Bra

It is more desirable to have a magnificent lacy appearance than anything

else. Keeping this in mind, shopping for lingerie for your honeymoon should be a snap. Keep your eyes peeled for lace bras and briefs. You might come into an incredible set that you never expected to find. The more designs you try, the more likely it is that you will hit gold.

The More Padding, the Merrier

If you typically avoid enhancing lingerie, now could be the time to try something new. You can perhaps try bras with more padding. These will allow you to define and enhance the natural shape of your breasts. The fun part about this is that there are many styles that complement your body shape and make you feel more beautiful and confident.

Showcase the Color of Love

Romantic Babydoll Lingerie

Because red is the color of love, it's essential that you include it in your lingerie sets. This is the way to your sweetheart's heart. Naturally, the color of your skin and hair will influence the tone you choose. Start with the tones that complement your unique style and work your way up. This self-assured and adventurous appearance will undoubtedly impress your beloved. Sexy nightwear can be elegant!

Go Extra

If you’re feeling adventurous, make your honeymoon in Cayman a little more exciting and unique. You could do this by going “extra” or planning a surprise by using a more daring bustier. This will allow you to show off your sexy and wild side, which is an excellent way to start your honeymoon.


The thing with your honeymoon is that you can be one with your lover, through romance and excitement. So, why don’t you try new things and explore new possibilities? Perhaps consider buying underwear that isn't your normal style. This way, you could even stumble across something that you do (or don’t) like.

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