Bra on a hanger with tap measure

Don't Suffer in Silence.....Step up and Check your Bra Size!

Have you ever been measured professionally for a bra? How do you know you are wearing the correct size? Look no further than the Vy's Closet team to measure and guide you to your best bra wearing experience EVER!

I recently joined the team at Vy's Closet as their communications & social media associate. In order to communicate the importance of a proper bra fitting, I had to experience it for myself.

Vy's Closet has the largest display of luxurious lingerie in the Cayman Islands, our range of underpinnings are second to none with a choice of brands including (to name a few):
  • Prima Donna
  • Panache
  • Lise Charmel
  • Empreinte
  • Maison LeJaby

Sizing in the store is based on UK band and cup sizes but with designers from all over the world (US, France, Poland) it's imperative to ensure the correct size and fit for our clients so they enjoy bra wearing comfort for every occasion.

So where was I? Oh yeah, wearing the wrong size bra. I had been wearing a 36DD for most of my adult life, however having lost weight over the last 6 months, I moved down to a 36D. And thought wow, I look great! I was wrong........

I think the one and only time I have ever been measured properly for a bra was many moons ago, when I first started wearing them. That involved trip to Marks & Spencers with mum to be measured. But after this initial measurement I had never professionally been measured again. Throughout my life I had just used the method of trial and error when buying bras.

Did you know that every 3 months you should be looking at updating or replacing your bras. Also, for every 12 pounds lost or gained, you should be re-measured to check your size.

Next she measured around my back and across the fullest part of my bust. During the whole experience everyone on the Vy's Closet team were professional and courteous, which made me feel relaxed.

Back in the Boutique, I ventured into the fitting room where Ms Rosa Harris (owner of Vy's Closet) took the time to measure me around my body and underneath my bust. The measuring tape will fit snugly at the base of your breasts, and remember do not hold your breath as this can distort your measurement.

Once Ms Rosa had these two measurements it was time to work out my bra size. The first measurement was between 30 and 31 inches, so we rounded up to 32 inches and then it is a cup size for each inch difference between the measurement from under your bust and the one around your breasts. I had a 5 inch difference which took me to an E cup. Wait, what..... I had just gone from 36D to a 32E, I was wearing totally the wrong size!

Woman measuring bra size

Now the fun begins, it was time to try on all of the amazing, gorgeous, luxurious bras from the boutiques range. Ms Rosa's team were on hand to bring me a selection of bras in my size to see which one was the perfect fit.

I tried t-shirt, padded, plunge and full cup, finally deciding on the later. My new favorite bra is by Panache and is called Clara, we have it in black, peacock blue and chai. I could not believe the difference it made. This bra is glamorous and luxurious.

The fit was amazing and oh yeah, I nearly forgot I had forward projection. This was the biggest noticeable difference for me, my breasts were right there, up front looking great!

Bra Styles

Vy's Closet offers bra fitting appointments in store, they can be booked on our website. You can also walk in and be measured, as long as one of our professional bra fitters is available. There is a small charge of $30 for this service, which is waived if you purchase a bra on the day. Remember these are your boobs I am talking about, it's worth it!

Don't suffer in silence......step up and check your bra size, you won't be disappointed!

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