Cayman’s National Carnival 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Cayman’s National Carnival 2022: Everything You Need to Know

The Cayman’s National Carnival is coming very soon. With this comes a lot of excitement—parties and celebrations left and right. This 2022, here are the things you have to look forward to and how you can prepare for them.

The History of Cayman’s National Carnival

In 1983, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman launched Cayman Carnival Batabano. Since then, it has been held year after year during the first week of May. It has been considered the bright highlight in the calendar of the Cayman Islands. Locals and tourists alike look forward to this occasion year after year.

Batabano, the name of the festival, was derived from the turtling heritage of the islands. This word describes the tracks that the sea turtles leave as they crawl into the island's beaches to nest and lay eggs. Indeed, this incredible cycle of nature is worth celebrating every year!

Cayman Carnival

These days, Cayman Carnival Batabano remains one of the most significant annual events on the island. It is celebrated with the vibe of Mardi Gras, featuring soca music, a type of calypso music that has soul elements and lyrics about life. You can also enjoy beautiful and colorful costumes, calypso bands, lots of street dancing, and a float parade.

The Main Events in Cayman’s National Carnival 2022

This 2022, these are the events you should look forward to for the Cayman Carnival Batabano.
  1. Batabano J’Ouvert

The Batabano J’ouvert kicked off last April 30th. From 4 AM to 10 AM, guests danced their heart out and got wet! Tickets came with a Caribbean breakfast, drinks, an event shirt, a backpack, mud, paint, and a water truck. Those who upgraded their $75 ticket to $100 got exclusive souvenirs. It was held in a secret location on midnight.
  1. Adult Parade

Cayman’s borders are now open for the main event. On May 7th, from 1 PM to 6 PM, masqueraders in beautiful costumes will parade from Seven Mile Public Beach to Festival Green.

The streets of Cayman will come alive with the ultimate mix of dance, music, and pageantry. Feel free to look for a good vantage point where you can revel over the spectacular costumes with bright colors, beautiful music, stilt workers, limbo dancers, and so many fascinating people grooving to soca music.

At the parade's finish line, a concert will be waiting for you. It’s the ultimate street party, brimming with music from local musicians and visiting bands. But there’s more—you can enjoy the Art in the Heart exhibition, costume competition, and delicious food stalls offering local and international cuisine.

  1. Junior Batabano & Family Fun Day

The fun on May 7th is not centered on just adults—a family celebration is also prepared for Junior Batabano. Here, the children will have their own parade, with costumes they created themselves.

Aside from the costume competition, kids can also enjoy face painting, mask decorating, snow cone creation, games, local food stalls, and other family-friendly activities.

Final Thoughts

Cayman Carnival Batabano is a must-experience event! Keep these dates

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open in your schedule, and mark your calendar. The celebration will surely be a blast, so make sure to join the celebration!

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